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Sculptra Skin Smoothing

What is Sculptra?

Sculptra helps the skin to replace lost collagen in the face to smooth lines and wrinkles, creating a more naturally youthful appearance.

Unlike some dermal fillers which will only treat individual lines and wrinkles, Sculptra can treat most areas of the face, reducing the appearance of:

  •  Lines, wrinkles and folds
  •  Lines between your nose and mouth (naso-labial folds)
  •  Lines around the corners of your mouth
  •  Wrinkles in the cheeks and chin
  •  Sunken cheeks
  •  Recessed temple area
  •  Jowls

Sculptra Skin Smoothing




Why Sculptra?

Sculptra works gradually to produce a natural effect. Usually two to three treatments are required and results should be noticeable after approximately six weeks, (however, in some patients this may take longer or require more treatments), lasting for up to three years.

How is the Sculptra treatment carried out and does it hurt?

After topical anaesthetic cream is applied, a series of injections into the skin are carried out by our skilled practitioners who have completed the Sculptra training programme certified by 'Sanofi-Aventis'.

Does Sculptra have any side effects?

An occasional side effect is bleeding, bruising, tenderness, redness and swelling at the site of the injection. These side effects generally resolve themselves within 2-6 days.

Are the results from Sculptra immediate?

Results should be noticeable after approximately 6 weeks.

To book a Sculptra Treatment, or simply to find out more about the therapies we can offer at our luxury clinic, please Contact Us on 0141 222 6580 (Freephone 0800 040 7700).

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