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Micro Needling

Visage’s professional Micro Needling can improve the appearance of acne scars, aged and sun damaged skin, lines and wrinkles and hyper-pigmentation.

How does Micro Needling Work?

Micro needling stimulates collagen formation on the skin, helping to improve tone and elasticity, while providing a clear channel for skin creams and treatments to be absorbed more effectively deep into the skin.

How long do positive results take?

The full regeneration effects of Micro Needling can begin to be seen two to three weeks after your first treatment, and your skin condition will continue to improve in the following weeks.

Is there any discomfort with Micro Needling?

Micro Needling takes place at the microscopic level. Numbing cream is applied to the area being treated, eradicating any discomfort.

Why come to Visage for the treatment?

With a Visage Micro Needling treatment you will also receive a free mini Skincare Kit including Medical Barrier Cream, Intense Defence Serum, Melanolite Pigment Perfecting Cream and Ultra Shield SPF 50.

To book a free initial consultation with Melissa please Contact Us on 0141 222 6580 (Freephone 0800 040 7700).

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