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8 Point Lift non surgical facelift

At Visage, we are delighted to be able to offer our patients a brand new treatment, the '8 Point Lift', a non-surgical facelift using dermal fillers. 

As we age we lose elasticity in our skin and our face becomes drawn. Skin starts to sag and lose freshness, especially for women.

The 8-point-lift technique gives amazing lift using dermal filler, targeting key areas of the mid-face to enhance the whole mid-face and lower face. Aimed at midface volume loss, creases and lines, this procedure has near instant results and minimal discomfort/ downtime, this may be the treatment for you.

The Treatment:

The entire treatment will be tailored to your needs, with a personalised consultation to determine the most appropriate approach for your face. We will work with you to assess:

Tear trough/midface: Get rid of and reduce tired hollows under the eyes.

Nasolabial fold: The Nasolabial fold is softened due to the lifting effect of the procedure.

Marionette Lines and Mouth corners: Using dermal filler can lift the face. 

Prejowl area: Improve volume in the hollow along the jawline to reduce or improve jowls. 

Jawline: Enhance the angle of the jaw to help lift the line for a youthful appearance. 

Lower cheek volume: Treating this area with filler can help with improve the natural curve and structure of the cheek. 

So how long will the results last for? 

Results are instant and last for 12-18 months. There is no downtime associated with the procedure but the client may have some mild bruising at the injection site in the days following treatment. 

If you are interested in our 8 Point Lift, make a booking today. We can’t wait to meet you soon.

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