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Glasgow International Schools and Visage support Plan International

Education is something we take for granted in this country, but for many of the poorest countries in the world it is a luxury which children appreciate and strive for.

More than this, it has been proven time and time again that access to education is the only effective measure to help peoples in deprived areas of the world break free from the cycle of poverty.

Unfortunately for many areas in the world these opportunities simply aren’t available, and for cultural reasons this can be particularly true for girls.

As a global language school, our friends at Glasgow International College understand this problem better than most, so when they learned about a charity which provides support and education for children the world over, they immediately wanted to help.

Watch this incredible visit to learn about the inspirational and culture changing work that this charity – which is named “Plan” – has been spearheading for the last 75 years:

Plan’s motto is simple – to work with the world’s poorest children so they can move themselves from a life of poverty to a future with opportunity.

PLAN international school.The charity’s latest project, which Glasgow International College is raising funds to move forward, is to provide training, classrooms and equipment to teach over a thousand young people in Senegal, with a particular focus on ensuring that girls are properly represented in this group, and can be lifted from the cycle of early marriage

Senegal is located in West Africa where one in three people live below the poverty line, surviving on less than $1.25 per day. Most families in Senegal experience unemployment, poor hygiene and sanitation conditions and limited access to quality education and clean water.

PLAN map.This is going to take significant funding, so Glasgow International College are holding a Christmas Gala to support raise funds to support the project, with Visage donating a special prize for their prize draw. The gala takes place on Friday the 15th of December at the GIC’s Anderston campus on Dumbarton Road in Glasgow

If you would like to learn more about the amazing charity being supported, or Glasgow International College itself, have a look at their Facebook page here:

If you would like to support this charity, you can visit Plan International‘s Website here.



PLAN students.

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